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Kiln-Dried Lumber Capabilities

Read about our state-of-the-art kiln-dried lumber facilities, and learn about our organizational memberships that set us apart from competitors.

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Standard Stock Items:
Chart of Mechanical Properties

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White Oak

Light brown heartwood, prominent wood rays and strong grain pattern.

Red Oak

Similar to White Oak but with a pinkish cast heartwood and somewhat stronger grain pattern. 

Hard Maple

Shares many of the same qualities as birch. It is hard, strong and has a good resistance to shock. Hard maple has white sapwood and brownish heartwood.cription here

Soft Maple

Identical in appearance to hard maple but softer and easier to work. White sapwood and mild brown heartwood.


Combining medium weight with superior toughness and strength, the wood has pale brown heartwood and nearly white sapwood. The grain pattern is strong.


A lightweight fine grained wood with whitish sapwood and yellowish green heartwood.


Machines easily and takes a beautifully transparent finish. The heartwood has a reddish brown color and the sapwood has an off-white color. May contain gum pockets and streaks.


America’s heaviest, hardest and toughest commercially important hardwood. The heartwood is tan to brown in color. Sapwood is white.


Turns well, carves well, and is an excellent pattern wood. This reddish brown wood finishes beautifully and makes an excellent exterior wood.


Machines and finishes well and is dimensionally stable. The heartwood is brown in color while the sapwood is white. Steaming the lumber will darken the color of the sapwood almost identical to the color of the heartwood.