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Our kiln-dried hardwood lumber, including Red Oak, Poplar, Cherry, and Hard Maple, is internationally recognized to be among the finest available.hardwood



Cleveland Lumber • Cleveland, Ohio

Since 1911, The Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Company, a hardwood distribution and concentration yard, has served a wide range of customers including retail lumber yards, cabinet makers and manufacturers, millwork companies, and pattern shops. This Web site expands upon our traditional business services by enabling customers,NHLA vendors, and employees to place orders on-line, receive information about Appalachian or simply communicate with us via e-mail. As you explore our Web site you will learn that The Appalachian Hardwood Lumber Company, based in Northeast Ohio, procures lumber from only the finest timberlands in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New York. Enjoy your visit and don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can stop by again soon.

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